Access to Material

When publically available, the links to documents will be provided as part of the literature profile. Here are the materials which are available at no cost.

However, some materials are only found in print or online through member subscriptions. ELTI cannot distribute copyrighted materials.

For obtaining access to materials that are not publicly available we recommend the following options:

  • Contact the author for a copy of the document. We have provided author email addresses when they are listed on the document.
  • Purchase the article from the online journal website.

Institutions from some countries are eligible to gain access to online journal articles through Yale University and the United Nations Environment Programme’s Online Access to Research in the Environment (OARE) program. OARE provides free or low cost access to scientific literature in developing countries in support of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Eligible institutions include all public institutions and all local non-governmental organizations. Examples include universities and colleges, professional training schools, research institutes, government ministries and other government offices, libraries, public media, and local NGOs. The country lists are based on GNI per capita (World Bank figures, 2006).

  • Institutions in countries with GNI per capita below $1250 are eligible for free access.
  • Institutions in countries with GNI per capita between $1250-$3500 pay a fee of $1000 per year / institution and can receive a free trial-period enrollment of three months.

For country lists and more information, please see


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