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Nature Conservation Foundation, GEF: Southern Western Ghats, India

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  • Nature Conservation Foundation
  • GEF Small Grants Programme



  • The goal of this project is to improve conservation strategies for degraded tropical rainforests of the western Ghats through ecological restoration involving community participation, scientific research and monitoring of plants regeneration and bird population recovery.
  • Capacity-building: 6 trained field staff with 5 of them from Indigenous communities; education infrastructural development; established rainforest plant nurseries. Indigenous People Participation: five full-time field staff; part-time workers too in providing assistance to nursery maintainence; created educational and ocupational opportunities in restoration to create alternatives for locals. Policy Influence: Produced papers and discussions for workshop highlighting land-use and forestry policy implications with state of Tamil Nadu. Successes: Plant regeneration, bird population recovery, restoration monitoring, created conservation education programmes for local community, increased restoration sites from 9 to 21 covering over 15 ha, community participation.
  • This project took place in the Southern Western Ghats from 2004-2008.

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  • South Asia
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  • India
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