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The Rufford Foundation: Eastern Ghats, India

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  • The Rufford Foundation


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  • Pterocarpus santalinus l. (Red Sanders)


  • Study focuses on documenting present status of Red Sanders (endemic and endangered) forests through Species Distribution Modelling (SDM) to identify most suitable techniques for RS seedlings survival for future restoration efforts - with community involvement
  • Scientifically: Achieved Red Sanders species distribution modeling in region.  Results show where future areas in northern Tamil Nadu and north-eastern Karnataka can be reforested with Red Sanders where it had once become locally extinct. Seedling survival higher with fewer coppice shoots and combination disking (DPB) treatment.  Socially: study determined that incorporating stakeholder preferences in restoration planning can help in improving coordination among stakeholder groups and management
  • This project took place in Eastern Ghats: Kadapa, Southern Andhra Pradesh in July 2011. Results can be found in the website provided.

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  • South Asia
  • Ecosystems


  • India
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