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Ashoka Trust, The Rufford Foundation: the Western Ghats, India

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  • Ashoka Trust
  • The Rufford Foundation




  • The project aims to restore abandoned small and large-scale tea and coffee plantations in Western Ghats with native tree species for potential ecotoursm or sustainable NTFP harvesting.
  • Study determined animal dispersed seeds dominate soil seed bank and region has no wind-dispersed species in plantations.  Distances between abandoned team plantations plays large role in the success of seed and species colonization. Native species colonization strongly influenced by elevation and rainfall - drier plantations colonized by grass and exotic weeds whereas tea grows better at higher elevations with abundant rainfall.
  • This project took place in Southern Western Ghats: Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu in 2007.

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  • South Asia
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  • India
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