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The role of Silvopastoral Systems in the Rehabilitation of Andean Stream Habitats

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Chará J and Murgueitio E. 2005, "The role of silvopastoral systems in the rehabilitation of Andean stream habitats," Livestock Research for Rural Development, Vol. 17, Art. #20.

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Centre for Research on Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems (CIPAV), Carrera 2 Oeste 11-54, Cali, Colombia


Available at no cost: Livestock Research for Rural Development


  • This article discusses the prevalence and impact of cattle grazing in the Andean region of Colombia, stating that ranching and the cattle drastically alter the oxygen demand of streams, change the acidity, increase algae growth and reduce light penetration. They also cause structural damage to the stream flow and riverbanks, leading to higher erosion and run-off. Grasslands on previously forested areas have led to compaction of soil so that there is less infiltration leading to more run-off, floods due to increased speeds and volume, and less water in the streams during the dry season.
  • The authors then discuss potential silvopastoral strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of ranching on streams. The approaches described are protection of springs and water courses, and a general increase in trees across the landscape in productive systems.
  • Use of these techniques can reduce siltation of streams, decrease run-off speeds, improve infiltration, stabilize of river banks, and improve the quality of stream habitat.
  • The article emphasized the need to the enrich riparian stream corridors with native tree species and the need to provide drinking devices so that cattle can drink but don’t have direct access to the stream. The authors also recommend planting to increase the presence of fodder trees, live fences, wind barriers and trees in pastures to  help to protect the soil, reduce runoff speed and have also an indirect positive effect on water since they provide timber and non-timber products, helping to reduce destruction of native forests

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