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Habitat Distribution of Dipterocarp Species in the Leyte Cordillera: an Indicator for Species – Site Suitability in Local Reforestation Programs

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Langenberger, G. (2006) "Habitat distribution of dipterocarp species in the Leyte Cordillera: an indicator for species-site suitability in local reforestation programs", Annals of Forest Science 63: 149-156.

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Corresponding author:


Institute of Plant Production and Agroecology in the Tropics and Subtropics (380b), University of  Hohenheim, 70593 Stuttgart, Germany


Species Info

  • Anisoptera thurifera
  • Dipterocarpus gracilis
  • Dipterocarpus validus
  • Hopea acuminata
  • Hopea malibato
  • Hopea philippinensis
  • Hopea plagata
  • Parashorea malaanonan
  • Shorea almon
  • Shorea assamica
  • Shorea astylosa
  • Shorea contorta
  • Shorea falciferoides
  • Shorea guiso
  • Shorea cf. hopeifolia
  • Shorea palosapis
  • Shorea polysperma
  • Vatica mangachapui


  • This article presents the results of a vegetation study in primary forest areas of Leyte, in vicinity of the case study site (near Mt. Pangasugan). It provides information on habitat distribution patterns and elevational ranges of dipterocarp species with the purpose of providing baseline data for ensuring species-site suitability for local reforestation programs.
  • For instance, the article finds that Shorea palosapis preferred slope habitats and very humid conditions and was not found along ridges, while Shorea polysperma preferred the ridge habitat. The distribution of Vatica mangachapui was on the upper slope rather than on the ridge itself.
  • This information on the 18 species & their habitat distribution could be used to select the right species for a certain type of habitat in order to increase chances for long-term survival.
  • The author also discusses how human impacts must also be considered when evaluation species distributions, especially in lowland areas (where human presence is greater), and the need for additional data to better determin habitat preferences and elevation range of Dipterocarp species in the Leyte Cordillera .

Geographical Region

  • Insular Southeast Asia
  • Country

  • Philippines
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