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What drives the success of reforestation projects in tropical developing countries? The case of the Philippines

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Le, H.D., et al., 2014. "What drives the success of reforestation projects in tropical developing countries? The case of the Philippines." Global Environ. Change. 24:334-348.

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  • School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, The University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia
  • Economics and Business Management Faculty, Vietnam Forestry University, Xuan Mai, Chuong My, Hanoi, Viet Nam


Science Direct: Global Environmental Change


  • This article reports on a study tries to quantitatively evaluate the different drivers and indicators related to reforestation success. The study included surveying 43 reforestation projects on Leyte.
  • The authors capture success drivers in three general categories: socio-economic, institutional/policy/management and reforestation characteristics. 
  •  Key problems and observations are discussed and recommendations for improved reforestation planning and management are offered, and the authors provide a conceptual site model that they used to assess reforestation success (based upon previous work by the authors).
  • The main considerations from the article that would assist with project planning, design through to successful delivery and ongoing (funded) success include: Trees that provide ecological, cultural and economic benefits, securing long-term commitment from the communities to the reforestation projects, coordination to protect forests against anthropogenic pressures, short-term and long-term income opportunities, diversification of funding and partnerships, technical support and infrastructure development.
  • The article concludes stating that ‘a wide range of biophysical, socio-economic, institutional and management factors influence reforestation success and these factors form a complex system of relationships’. In addition that the social and economic components of reforestation must be considered simultaneously.


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