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Combining ecological, social and technical criteria to select species for forest restoration

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Meli, P. M. Martınez-Ramos, J. M. Rey-Benayas & J. Carabias. 2014. Combining ecological, social and technical criteria to select species for forest restoration. Applied Vegetation Science, 17: 744–753

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Meli, Paula. ( Natura y Ecosistemas Mexicanos A.C., San Jacinto 23-D, Col. San Angel, Mexico D.F., 01000, Mexico


Natura y Ecosistemas Mexicanos

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·       Dialiumguianense

·       Brosimum alicastrum

·       Brosimum costarricanum

·       Ficus sp.

·       Cojoba arborea

·       Vochysia guatemalensis

·       Trophis racemosa

·       Albizia leucocalyx

·       Ampelocera hottlei

·       Calophyllum brasiliense

·       Licania platypus

·       Posoqueria latifolia

·       Guarea glabra

·       Protium copal

·       Castilla elastica

·       Hirtella americana

·       Pouteria durlandii

·       Swartzia simplex

·       Blepharidium mexicanum

·       Inga vera

·       Eugenia negrita

·       Quararibea yunckerii

·       Nectandra reticulata

·       Miconia argentea

·       Jacaratia dolichaula

·       Croton schiedeanus

·       Eugenia mexicana

·       Licaria capitata

·       Nectandra sanguinea

·       Miconia glaberrima


·       Species selection in restoration projects will depend on the main goals of the restoration project and on information availability

·       In human-dominated ecosystems or agricultural landscapes, prioritizing social and technical cri- teria to select species for restoration is crucial for restoration sustainability.

·       Successful restoration actions need the participation of local stakeholders, and the potential of species to be used in such actions should be evaluated not only on the basis of their ecological traits, but also on criteria that consider both social benefits and technical limitations, such as g­ermination and propagation requirements under nursery conditions.

·       The authors of this study proposed a procedure to target species for forest restoration projects that leans on five criteria related to ecological, social and technical information, which is illustrated by a case study related to restoration of Neotropical riparian forest.

·       The authors identified a preliminary list of tree species that are most suitable for their reintroduction into degraded riparian zones in southeastern Mexico and similar ecological and social settings


  • Tropical Wet Forest
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  • Mexico
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