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Collaborative Efforts On Mangrove Restoration In Sedari Village, Karawang District, West Java Province

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Randy, A. F., Hutomo, M., & Purnama, H. (2015). Collaborative Efforts on Mangrove Restoration in Sedari Village, Karawang District, West Java Province. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 23, 48-57.


Graduate Study Program on Environmental Science, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Environmental Division, HSSE Department, PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java, 12520, Jakarta, Indonesia      


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Rhizopora sp, Bruguiera sp, Avicenia sp, Sonneratia sp, Heritiera sp, Lumnitzera sp, Ceriops sp, Excoecaria sp, Xylocarpus sp, Nypa sp, Cassurina sp, and Hibiscus sp.


  • In this paper, Randy et al. focused to explain the concept of collaboration conducted by PT Pertamina Hulu Energi during the mangrove forest restoration program, Offshore North West Java (ONWJ), in the Sedari Village, Karawang District. The participatory project aimed the sustainable mangrove restoration in the Village, as well as the capacity development of local community in mangrove conservation.
  • The first plantation activity, in 2012, was unsuccessful. The success of OTAP community groups in growing mangrove of this land was owed to the selection of the land, the choice of mangrove seedlings, the fence utilized in the site to keep the herbivores away, and also monitoring and institutional systems that were valuable for the next restoration. The implementation result showed that the most planted mangrove survived.
  • Collaborative efforts on mangrove restoration programs created a new perception for rural communities about mangrove management as an alternative livelihood. At the beginning of OTAP activities, seedlings farmer were only just two groups. Currently, there are registered as many as 10 farmers in the Sedari village. Forms of collaboration between the private sector, local government and community empowerment are particularly important factor in the success of mangrove restoration programs.

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  • Insular Southeast Asia
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  • Indonesia
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