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Participatory Monitoring in tropical forest management: a review of tools, concepts and lessons learned

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Evans, K. and M.R. Guariguata. 2008. Participatory monitoring in tropical forest management: a review of tools, concepts and lessons learned. Bogor, Indonesia. Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). 50pp.

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Center for International Forestry Research Jl.

The Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, Switzerland


ISBN: 978-979-1412-63-6


  • This report reviews the impacts, challenges, and shortcomings of well-documented cases of successful/effective as well as unsuccessful/flawed participatory monitoring programs in tropical forests across the globe.
  • The review summarizes participatory monitoring, explaining the value of monitoring, how to plan and implement participatory monitoring (determing who participates and how), and provides considerations for developing a participatory monitoring program, providing insights into how to scale up and create nested networks of participatory monitoring programs across landscapes, and how to ensure long-term sustainability of the program by integrating scientific research with local knowledge and expertise, building social capital and empowering local people, strengthening local institutions and facilitating decision-making, while lowering cost of data collection for scientists and/or institutions.
  • Additionally, the document provides realistic acknowledgement of the limitations of participatory monitoring programs (i.e. difficult to implement, can be more expensive than expected, data might not be useful for scientific research, and how to continue when external funding ceases to be available). Paper concludes with a matrix table of case studies, methods and tools for quick reference.

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