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Reverdir le Sahel : Le succès de la régénération (Regreening the Sahel: Regeneration success)

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Reij, C. (2010). Reverdir Le Sahel : Le Succès De La Régénération. AGRIDAPE (La diffusion des pratiques durables), pp.6-8. Available at: [Accessed September 28, 2016].

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African Re-greening Initiative, VU University, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 


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This magazine article is written in French

  • The author provides several arguments in support of farmer-managed natural regeneration efforts (FMNR) and re-greening practices in the Sahel.  
  • Such practices, he says, increase vegetation cover, augment crop yields, and provide a more sustainable source of fuel wood for farmers.
  • The author argues that women in particular will benefit from not having to travel long distances from their farms for wood. He also notes that planting trees is not as efficient as assisting natural regeneration practices.
  • The author mentions positive social outcomes of FMNR, namely a decrease in theft of fuel wood from neighboring properties. 
  • He also argues that local farmers experiences should be taken more into account while developing African Re-Greening Initiatives (ARI).
  • Finally, he lists other benefits of re-greening, such as carbon sequestration, and gives an overview of where ARI is implemented today.

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  • Other-North Africa
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  • Burkina Faso
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