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Pulicat Lake Mangrove Restoration

Project: Project - Nonprofit

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  • CReNIO (Center for Research on New International Economic Order)
  • Global Nature Fund.


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  • Avicennia marina


  • The mission of the project is to reforest mangroves that were damaged from the 2004 Tsunami.
  • The Pulicat lake is the second largest brackish water system in India and is home to 15,000 flamingos, but is threatened by deteriorating water quality and degradation to the riparian mangrove forests.
  • The reforestation has been carried out by local people from five villages: Thangal, Kulathumedu, Edamani, Sathankuppam, Kottaikuppam,
  • Approximately 25,000 trees have been planted since 2009.
  • Workshops and twenty demonstrations have been organized for women’s group leaders to train them on nursery and plantation establishment.
  • The project is carried out by the CReNIO (Center for Research on New International Economic Order) and the Global Nature Fund.

Geographical Region

  • South Asia
  • Ecosystems

  • Mangrove
  • Country

  • India
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