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Ecological study of Kirisia forest reserve

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Powys, A (2009). Ecological study of Kirisia forest reserve. Conservation Enterprise Development Program: Samburu, Kenya. Available at: [Accessed 30 Nov 2016].

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  • Laikipia Wildlife Forum
  • Conservation Enterprise Development Program
  • Kirisia Forest Reserve, Samburu District


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Species Info

  • Afrocarpus gracilior
  • Cassipourea malosana
  • Diospyros abyssinica
  • Dovyalis abyssinica
  • Vepris simplicifolia
  • Ekebergia capensis
  • Juniperus procera
  • Olea africana spp.cuspidatus
  • Olea capensis ssp macrocarpa
  • Toddalia asiatica 


  • This report is the product of an in-depth survey of Kirisia Forest Reserve, Samburu District, Kenya.
  • The surveyor found strong reliance on the forest from local people and over-exploitation of its resources.
  • Finally, she recommends monitoring systems for various forest resources in Kirisia.


Geographical Region

  • East Africa
  • Ecosystems

  • Tropical Wet Forest
  • Country

  • Kenya
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