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Les sociétés rurales et les pratiques d’utilisation multiple des terres (Rural societies and land-use practices)

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Angu Angu K., Oyono, P. R., Lescuyer, G. et al. (2014). Les sociétés rurales et les pratiques d’utilisation multiple des terres: perception des projets de conservation et de développement dans le cadre des systèmes d’utilisation multiple des terres en afrique centrale. In: Les forêts du bassin du Congo: État des Forêts 2013. Eds: de Wasseige, C., Flynn, J., Louppe, D., Hiol Hiol, F., Mayaux, P. Neufchâteau: Weyrich. 328 p. Available at: [Accessed: 13 Jan 2017].

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This chapter is written in French

  • This chapter focuses on rural poverty in central Africa and the contribution of multiple land use practices to local development.
  • The authors discuss the paradox of belonging to an area that is on the one hand extremely rich in natural resources, and on the other hand extremely poor in national and local development.
  • They stress the importance of maintaining globally important natural resources that will be able to respond to the needs of future generations of central Africans.

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