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Formations boisées et savanes africaines: opportunités et potentialités de la REDD+ (Wooded formations and African savannas: opportunities and potential of REDD+)

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Mujuru, L., Chidumayo, E. (2014). Formations boisées et savanes africaines: possibilités et potentiel de REDD+. African Forest Forum, Working Paper Series, vol. 2 no. 15, 60 pp.

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  • African Forest Forum. Avenue, Gigiri. P.O. Box 30677- 00100, Nairobi, Kenya.


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This working document is written in French

  • The autohrs provide an overview of the REDD+ program and deforestation in Africa.
  • They addressed limitations fo REDD+ and noted that because each community is different, each project must be tailored to the individual needs of communities.


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