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Conifer Conservation and Reforestation Project

Project: Project - Nonprofit

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  • Global Trees Campaign -  partnership between Flora and Fauna International and the Botanic Gardens Conservation International
  • Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR)


Species Info

  • Taiwania cryptomerioides
  • Xanthocyparis vietnamensis
  • Calocedrus rupestris
  • Glyptostrobus pensilis
  • Cupressus sp.


  • The mission of the project is to conserve and reforest five native conifer species in Vietnam.
  • Since the project began in 2007, a nursery was established and wild trees were labeled and monitored by local families. In 2008, saplings were planted and are currently being monitored and maintained.

Geographical Region

  • Mainland Southeast Asia
  • Ecosystems


  • Vietnam
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