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Reforestation in Cruz Machado, Parana State, Brazil

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 Aurelio Padovezi,


  • The Nature Conservancy

Species Info

  • Zanthoxyllum kleinni
  • Matayba elaeagnoides
  • Nectandra lanceolata
  • Cupania vernalis camb.
  • Eugenia pyriformis
  • Cabralea canjerana
  • Ocotea porosa
  • Tabebuia umbellata
  • Eugenia uniflora
  • Eugenia involucrata
  • Acacia recurva
  • Allophylus guaraniticus
  • Sebastiania schottiana
  • Jacaranda micrantha
  • Myrcine sp.
  • Mimosa scabreila
  • Anadenanthera macrocarpa
  • Prunus ellowi
  • Annona sp.
  • Arauaria angustifólia;
  • Campomanesia xanthocarpa
  • Cedrela fissilis
  • Eugenia sp.
  • Schinus terebinthifolius
  • other species.


  • The mission of this project is to restore 200 hectares of native forests in partnership with the electricity sector and the government in the watershed of an important water reservoir used for electricity production in Parana state, Brazil.
  • Since the project began in March 2009, 74 hectares have been fenced to promote natural generation.
  • The project will be monitored for indicators including: number of planted trees; number of trees from natural regeneration; % of grass/soil cover; and species diversity.

Geographical Region

  • Coastal Atlantic South America
  • Country

  • Brazil
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