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Parque Chimiya, Guatemala Reforestation

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  • Long Way Home
  • Chuwi Tinamit
  • Alliance for International Reforestation



Status: On Hold

  • The mission of this project is to address the problems of deforestation in the San Juan Comalapa community in Guatemala.
  • Since the project began in 2005, Long Way Home has been working with Chuwi Tinamit and the Alliance for International Reforestation to establish a tree nursery and become educated in producing viable saplings for reforestation within the community.
  • Since 2005, over 37,000 saplings have been produced, educational programs have been conducted with local youth, and trees have been sold for local reforestation.
  • The several native species have been grown in the nursery and the most success was with Pine, Cypress, and Elm.
  • In 2007, the project began incorporating ornamentals, herbs, and medicinal plants into the nursery.
  • Long Way Home also incorporates community members at each stage of the project; children participate in educational activities that teach about reforestation. Interns also teach lessons on the environment to school groups who help out in the nursery.
  • Some of the people using the trees are elementary schools who hold tree planting days.
  • The project is on hold because the reforestation is to be part of school curriculum at an elementary school that will be opening in Fall 2012.


  • Guatemala
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