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Tree Management in the Northwestern Andean Cordillera of Peru

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Cotler, H. & Maass, J.M. 1999, "Tree Management in the Northwestern Andean Cordillera of Peru", Mountain Research and Development, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. pp. 153-160.


  • Instituto de Ecología-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, Ciudad Universitaria, CP. 04510, Mexico-DF
  • Instituto de Ecología-Unidad Morelia, Morelia, Mich. Mexico, CP. 58090


International Mountain Society

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Species Info

  • Acacia macracantha
  • Agave americana
  • Alnus jorullensis
  • Baccharis latifolia
  • Baccharis sp.
  • Bursera graveolens
  • Caesalpinia spinosa
  • Capparis mollis
  • Capparis sp.
  • Capparis angulata
  • Cedrela montana
  • Ceiba trichisthandra
  • Cercidium praecox
  • Cestrum sp.
  • Chusquea polyclados
  • Clusia sp.
  • Cordia lutea
  • Croton sp.
  • Delostoma webwerbauerianum
  • Dodonea viscosa
  • Dunalia campanulata
  • Eriotheca discolor
  • Escallonia pendula
  • Escallonia resinosa
  • Ficus obtusifolia
  • Geoffroea striata
  • Hesperemoles lanuginosa
  • Jacaranda sp.
  • Juglans neotropica
  • Leucaena trichodes
  • Loxopterigum huasango
  • Lupinus ballianus
  • Mauria simplicifolia
  • Miconia sp.
  • Muntingia calabura
  • Myrcianthes discolor
  • Opuntia ficus-indica
  • Oreocallis grandiflora
  • Piper sp.
  • Psoralea glandulosa
  • Prosopis sp.
  • Ricinus communis
  • Salix humboldthiana
  • Sapindus saponaria
  • Tecoma sambucisolia
  • Thevetia peruviana
  • Weimania sp.


  • This article presents research on native tree species used or potentially useful for agroforestry and reforestation of former grazing lands in Andean Peru.
  • For centuries, local peoples have been using trees as part of their farming and forestry production systems.
  • The authors found that Acacia macracantha, Alnus jorullensis, Baccharis latifolia, Baccharis sp., Chusquea polyclados, Eriotheca discolor, Salex humboldthiana, Bursera graveolens, Juglans neotropica, Cestrum sp., and Ficus obtusifolia are intensively used by local people for their forest products and should undergo more extensive study of silviculture.
  • They describe that species can compliment the other species of Acacia, Alnus, Cordia, Erythrina, and Prosopis genuses have been shown to improve forest areas that have been used for grazing.
  • The authors created a database about the soil and landscape ecology of the species, their local use, and their applicability for agroforestry systems.
  • The authors recommend the use of native leguminous species such as Cercidium praecox, Chusquea polyclados, and Geoffroea striata to improve soil conditions.

Geographical Region

  • Andean Region
  • Country

  • Peru
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