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Agua Salud Native Timber Species Plantations

Project: Project - Scientific

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Jefferson Hall, Project Contact -


  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
  • the Panama Canal Authority
  • Panama’s National Environmental Authority
  • HSBC Climate Partnership



Species Info

  • Terminalia amazonia
  • Pachira quinata
  • Dalbergia retusa
  • Tabebuia rosea
  • Anacardium excelsum
  • Gliricidia sepium
  • Inga puntata
  • Luehea seemannii
  • Ochroma piramidales
  • Erythrina fusca.


  • The mission of this project is to evaluate the ecosystem services and hydrology of different land-use treatments in the Canal Zone in Panama.
  • One of the treatments is a native timber species plantation.
  • In addition to serving as a treatment for the larger study, the reforestation with native species is intended to reduce soil erosion, restore hydrological function, increase soil fertility, and increase biodiversity while also producing high-value timber trees.
  • The project was established in 2008 when approximately 70 ha were planted with native tree species.
  • Of the ten species chosen for the project, five have timber value in the region and five were selected for the ecological value they bring to the reforestation project. 

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Geographical Region

  • Southern Central America
  • Country

  • Panama
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