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Nagarote Reforestation and Community Development Project - SosteNica

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Alan Wright,


  • SosteNica
  • Ceprodel - El Centro de Promoción del Desarrollo Local



Species Info

  • Gliricidia sepium
  • Enterolobium cyclocarpum
  • Leucaena salvadorensis
  • Guasuma ulmifolia
  • Bombacopsis quinata (Pachira quinata)
  • Swietenia humilis
  • Erythrina fusca
  • Tabebuia rosea
  • Theobroma cacao
  • Cordia alliodora
  • Citrus sinensis (exotic)
  • Citrus nobilis (exotic)
  • Persea americana
  • Mangifera indica (exotic)
  • Manilkara zapota
  • Pouteria sapota
  • Licania platypus
  • Annona muricata
  • Inga spectabilis
  • Annona squamosa
  • Chrysophyllum caimito
  • Melicoccus bijugatus
  • Citrus aurantifolius (exotic)
  • Citrus spp. (exotic)
  • Citrus vulgaris (exotic)
  • Musa sapientum (exotic)
  • Carica papaya


  • SosteNica and CEPRODEL work together to provide microcredit and technical assistance to help communities in Nicaragua improve the environmental on their land while also improving the economic opportunities for those communities. 
  • In 2009, they began a reforestation program to help farmers with the technical support and offering loans for the planting of fruit and timber trees on their land.
  • SosteNica aims to help farmers improve the soil and water conditions on their land as well as increase the diversity of species on their farms and and around their households. 
  • In these cases, the trees planted are the loan from SosteNica, and the farmers must pay back the loan with seedlings or money raised. 
  • Sostenica offers the participants workshops on nursery establishment and other techniques for the reforestation
  • The plantings focus on native plants and trees that can provide food. 
  • So far, 35 farmers have participated with 125 acres of land. The trees have been planted as living fences, on silvopastoral systems, and in home-gardens. 
  • Due to drought and the lack of irrigation, the hardwoods had a very low (30%) survival rate. 
  • As part of the project, farmers are now learning how to create drip irrigation tools out of recycled plastic soda bottles. 
  • Future plans include expanding these types of projects that mix microcredit with environmental sustainability.  

Geographical Region

  • Southern Central America
  • Country

  • Nicaragua
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