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Guidelines for Site Selection and Tree Planting in Cambodia

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Forestry Administration/Cambodian Tree Seed Project, 2005 "Guidelines for Site Selection and Tree Planting in Cambodia"


  • Forestry Administration, Cambodia
  • Cambodia Tree Seed Project


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Species Info

  • Acacia auriculiformis (exotic)
  • Afzelia xylocarpa
  • Albizia lebbeck
  • Aquilaria crassna
  • Azadirachta indica (exotic)
  • Cassia garettiana
  • Cassia fistola (Cassia fistula) (exotic)
  • Cassia siamea (Senna siamea)
  • Carypha umbraculifera (exotic)
  • Dalbergia bariensis
  • Dalbergia cochinchinensis
  • Dipterocarpus alatus
  • Eucalyptus sp. (exotic)
  • Fagraea fragrans
  • Hopea odorata
  • Leucaeana leucocephala (exotic)
  • Moringa oleifera (exotic)
  • Pterocarpus macrocarpus
  • Sindora cochinchinensis (Sindora siamensis)
  • Shorea guiso
  • Shorea roxburghii
  • Scapium macropodium
  • Tarrietia javanica (Heritiera javanica)
  • Tectona grandis (exotic)
  • Terminalia alata
  • Terminalia bialata


  • This manual provides information on reforestation techniques to guide the site selection and implementation of tree planting projects in Cambodia.
  • It begins with a discussion of forest management, degredation, and reforestation specifically in the historical and policy context of Cambodia.
  • There are procedures identified for assessing possible sites for reforestation, including information gathering on: land tenure, level of resource disturbance, poverty rate, socioeconomic conditions, funding, etc.
  • General guidelines for planting are included for monoculture plantations, milti-species plantations, assisted natural regeneration, the framework species method, enrichment planting, and agroforestry systems.
  • The appendix includes checklists, forms, and other documents that may be useful in the field to complement this manual.


Geographical Region

  • Mainland Southeast Asia
  • General
  • Country

  • General
  • Cambodia
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