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A Review of Dipterocarps: Taxonomy, Ecology and Silviculture

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Appanah, S. & Turnbull, J.M. (eds.) 1998, "A Review of Dipterocarps: Taxonomy, Ecology and Silviculture," Center for International Forestry Research. Bogor, Indonesia, p220.

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  • This book provides a detailed introduction to the ecology and silviculture of dipterocarp trees.
  • Trees the family Dipterocarpaceae are some of the largest, most valuable, and most characteristic trees of tropical forests in Southeast Asia.
  • Because of rainforest destruction as well as logging of these high-value timber species, knowledge about their ecology, growth, and propagation is highly limited.
  • In the introduction, the author describes that this book is intended to provide an overview of what is already known about dipterocarps and identify the areas needed for future research.
  • Chapters include:
  • Introduction by S. Appanah
  • Biogeography and Evolutionary Systematics of Dipterocarpaceae by G. Maury-Lechon and L. Curtet
  • Conservation of Genetic Resources in the Dipterocarpaceae by K.S. Bawa
  • Seed Physiology by P.B. Tompsett
  • Seed Handling by B. Krishnapillay and P.B. Tompsett
  • Seedling Ecology of Mixed-Dipterocarp Forest by M.S. Ashton
  • Root Symbiosis and Nutrition by S.S. Lee
  • Pests and Diseases of Dipterocarpaceae by C. Elouard
  • Management of Natural Forests by S. Appanah
  • Plantations by G. Weinland
  • Non-Timber Forest Products from Dipterocarps by M.P. Shiva & I. Jantan
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