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Central Kalimantan Peatlands Project

Project: Project - Nonprofit

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Contact at Wetlands International: Marcel Silvius


  • University of Palangky Raya
  • Wetlands International
  • CARE Indonesia
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - Indonesia
  • BOS Foundation


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Species Info

  • Dyera costulata
  • Shorea belangiran
  • Craroxyium arborescens
  • Syzygium spp.
  • Combretocarpus rotundatus
  • Stemonurus secundiflora
  • Alstonia pneumatophora


  • The Central Kalimantan Peatland Project was conducted between 2006 and 2008 with the mission of restoring degraded peatlands and protecting remaining peatswamp forests in Central Kalimantan Indonesia.
  • The area is located on land where the peatswamps were drained for rice cultivation.
  • The project was run as part of a consortium of five organizations (University of Palangky Raya, Wetlands International, CARE Indonesia, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - Indonesia, BOS Foundation) and funded by the Dutch government.
  • The project actions included damming drainage canals to restore the hydrologic conditions natural to a peatswamp, controlling fires on dried peatlands with local fire brigades, introducing sustainable agriculture techniques in the area, and revegetate cleared areas with native tree species.
  • Reforestation, or regreening, was conducted as part of the broader project. Native trees with commercial value (Dyera costulata for rubber and chewing gum and Shorea belangiran for timber) were planted along with other native species (Craroxyium arborescens, Syzygium spp., Combretocarpus rotundatus, Stemonurus secundiflora, Alstonia pneumatophora) and species that provide food for Orangutans.
  • The project organizers estimate that their actions have halted four million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.
  • Since 2006, 50,000 ha have been restored by this project, but the project organizers stress that restoration is urgently needed on 12 million hectares of degraded peatland in Indonesia.

Geographical Region

  • Insular Southeast Asia
  • Ecosystems

  • Tropical Wet Forest
  • Country

  • Indonesia
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