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Evaluation of trees indigenous to the montane forest of the Blue Mountains, Jamaica for reforestation and agroforestry

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McDonald, M.A., Hofny-Collins, A., Healey, J.R. & Goodland, T.C.R. 2003, "Evaluation of trees indigenous to the montane forest of the Blue Mountains, Jamaica for reforestation and agroforestry," Forest Ecology and Management, vol. 175, no. 1-3, pp. 379-401.

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  • School of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, University of Wales, Bangor LL57 2UW, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
  • Department of Rural Development Studies, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, P.O. Box 7005, 750 07 Uppsala, Sweden


Forest Ecology and Management

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Species Info

  • Juniperus lucayna
  • Clethra occidentalis
  • Turpinia occidentalis
  • Cinnamomum montanum
  • Viburnum alpinum
  • Dendropanax arboreus
  • Podocarpus urbanii
  • Prunus occidentalis
  • Sideroxylon montanum
  • Lyonia jamaicensis
  • Eugenia harrisii
  • Eugenia virgultosa
  • Eugenia monticola
  • Cedrela odorata
  • Hibiscus elatus
  • Dendropanax arboreus
  • Citharexylum caudatum
  • Myrsine coriacea


  • The study investigates local knowledge of native species and their uses, as well as the establishment of native species in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.
  • Interviews were conducted with 27 local participants to determine the use of 80 taxa of trees and shrubs, 43 of them native taxa; the value of each species was calculated for 10 uses.
  • Local respondents valued timber and fruit as the preferred uses; however, for planting, multi-purpose trees were the most highly valued.
  • The establishment and growth of 58 species on drought- and fire-prone farmland was also evaluated over a period of 3.5 years.
  • J. lucayana, C. occidentalis, C. odorata, T. occidentalis, C. montanum, V. alpinum, D. arboreus, P. urbanii and P. occidentalis were identified as recommended species for planting due to their successful establishment rates and utility.
  • The authors promote the potential of native tree species in the restoration of degraded lands, emphasizing the importance of considering local preferences, utility, and ecological success.

Geographical Region

  • Caribbean Islands
  • Ecosystems

  • Montane Forest
  • Country

  • Jamaica
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