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Sadhana Forest Haiti

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Aviram Rozin,


Sadhana Forest Haiti is related to Sadhana Forest, Tamil Nadu India.


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Mostly Brosimum alicastrum (Maya nut)


  • This project's mission is to promote water conservation, native species reforestation, organic food production, and the development of ongoing projects to support the needs of the local community in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • The project takes place in Kay Mer, Lasaline, Anse-a-Pitre, Haiti.
  • Since it began in April 2010, over 20,000 indigenous food bearing trees have been planted and over 600 local people have been trained in basic permaculture and tree planting techniques.
  • Future plans include continued work to provide local people with training in forestry, permaculture, and sustainable food systems.

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  • Caribbean Islands
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  • Haiti
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