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Agroforestry as a Tool for Landscape Restoration

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Montagnini, F., Francesconi, W. & Rossi, E. (eds) 2011, Agroforestry as a Tool for Landscape Restoration, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York.

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Nova Publishers

This book is available for purchase at the link above.


  • The book is a compilation of articles on the application of agroforestry technologies to landscape restoration in degraded lands.
  • The book is divided into five sections covering the following topics:
    • Agroforestry as a means to restore productivity to degraded land for rural populations
    • The simultaneous benefits of soil restoration and non-timber forest products from agroforestry systems
    • Biodiversity conservation across agricultural landscapes through the implementation of agroforestry
    • Watershed restoration and conservation using agroforestry systems
    • Experiences on agroforestry training and dissemination
  • Given the complexity of successfully implementing agroforestry systems in degraded landscapes, the book is intended to highlight key issues and approaches that can be used to address common problems.

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