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Kibale National Park Rehabilitation Project

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  • Uganda Wildlife Authority
  • Face the Future


Species Info

Species descriptions and propagation techniques found in VCS Project Description document

  • Albizzia qummifera
  • Bridelia micrantha
  • Celtis durandii
  • Chrysophyllum albidum
  • Cordia africana (Cordia abyssinica)
  • Cordia millenii (Cordia ugandensis)
  • Croton macrostachyus
  • Croton megalocarpus
  • Diospyros mespiliformis
  • Erythrina abyssinica
  • Ficus natalensis
  • Funtumia elastic
  • Lovoa brownii (Lovoa trichiliodes)
  • Markhamia platycalyx
  • Mimusops bagshawei
  • Prunus africana (Pygeum africana)
  • Sapium ellipticum
  • Spathodea campanulata (Spathodea similotica)
  • Trichilia drageana (Trichilia splendida)
  • Uvariopsis congensis
  • Warburgia ugandensis


  • This project began in 1995 to promote the regeneration of 10,000 ha of deforested lands within the Kibale National Park in western Uganda. 
  • Actions taken have included the manual weeding of elephant grass and planting of 400 native tree saplings per hectare.
  • The project employs over 125 staff members who earn a salary as well as medical benefits for working on the project.
  • So far, over 3,500 hectares have been restored with emissions reductions estimated at over 40,000 per year.
  • The project has been registered under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and carbon credits can be purchased.

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