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Bwa Yo: Important Trees of Haiti

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Timyan, J. 1996, "Bwa Yo: Important Trees of Haiti", South East consortium for International Development (SECID) Washington, DC.


South East consortium for International Development (SECID)


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Species Info

Wood Species

  • Prosopis juliflora (naturalized) - Bayawonn
  • Colubrina arborescens - Bwa Ple
  • Cordia alliodora - Bwa Soumi
  • Catalpa longissima - Chenn
  • Simarouba glauca - Fwenn
  • Swietenia mahagoni - Kajou Peyi, Kajou Etranje
  • Roystonea borinquena - Palmis
  • Cedrela odorata - Sed
  • Lysiloma sabicu - Taveno

Fruit Species

  • Cocos nucifera (naturalized) - Kokoye
  • Mangifera indica (naturalized) - Mango
  • Citrus spp (aurantifolia, aurantium, maxima, paradisi, reticulata, sinensis) (naturalized) - Sitwon, Zoranj, Chadek
  • Persia americana (naturalized) - Zaboka

Recent Exotics

  • Senna siamea (exotic) - Kasya
  • Leucaena leucocephala (exotic) - Lisina, Delen
  • Azadirachta indica (exotic) - Nim
  • Gliricidia sepium (exotic) - Piyon


  • This book presents tree species with economic value in a rural context in low to mid elevation Haiti.
  • The author presents that as lands become disturbed, they often become less favorable to regeneration of native species, and require silvicultural interventions to cultivate those species.
  • Some non-native species are also helpful in Haiti to restore fertility to the sites.
  • Finally, the use of fruit trees can help with food security as well as shade, fuelwood, and lumber.
  • Each profile provides information and photos including discussions of the species and common names, importance, taxonomy and botanical features, distribution and ecology, tree characteristics, utilization, propagation, and other findings (biomass studies, growth performance, tree improvement, seed research, and/or planting stock quality).
  • Technical notes are included with information on species specific pests and disease, wood properties, medicinal uses, biomass and volume tables, common and scientific names, and tree proverbs.

Geographical Region

  • Caribbean Islands
  • Country

  • Haiti
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