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Amazon Reforestation Project, Inc.



  • The mission of the Amazon Reforestation Project (ARP) is to conserve tropical rainforest and conduct forest restoration on deforested lands in the Brazilian Amazon, specifically those owned by president and chairman of ARP (Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernadino).
  • Located on over 1 million hectares of land in the state of Amazonas, this project aims to serve as an example for large scale conservation and restoration in this region, where increasing development and globalization of Manaus is leading to increased opportunities and incentives for deforestation.
  • Beginning, in 2009, so far the project has obtained the deeds to Dr. Bernadino's landholdings, has gathered GPS locations of the site outlines, is moving forward with registering 170,000 hectares for consideration under REDD+ and VCS, and is developing a draft Project Design Document.
  • Reforestation and conservation is expected on lands that have been cleared or threatened, and the project intends to conduct rigorous scientific evaluation to decide how best to restore the land to forest given the poor soils and frequent flooding.
  • As of February 2012, ARP has become a member of the American Carbon Registry and they are seeking purchasers of carbon offsets which can help in the restoration efforts and serve as a financial incentive for local populations to conserve the forest.

Geographical Region

  • Amazon Basin
  • Country

  • Brazil
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