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Restoration of Tropical Forest Ecosystems

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Lieth, H. & Lohmann, M. (eds) 1993, "Restoration of Tropical Forest Ecosystems," Proceedings of the Symposium held on October 7-10, 1991, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.


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  • This book is a compilation of papers presented at a symposium on "Restoration of Tropical Forest Ecosystems" which occurred in Bonn, Germany during October of 1991.
  • The event, sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation, addressed the reasons for tropical forest destruction, opportunities and challenges for restoration and rehabilitation of disturbed areas, and management suggestions for nature conservation in the field of tropical forestry.
  • The chapters include different perspectives on the forestry, ecology, and nature conservation angles of restoration and rehabilitation.
  • The chapters include:
  1. Restoration of native forests from Japan to Malaysia; A. Miyawaki.
  2. Ecosystem rehabilitation and forest regeneration in the humid tropics: Case studies and management insights; M. Clüsener Godt, M. Hadley.
  3. Biological characters and plasticity of juvenile tree stages to restore degraded tropical forests: A systems framework for site analysis and restoration research; G. Maury-Lechon.
  4. Soil site factors influencing the reforestation on mining sites in Amazonia; J.B.S. Ferraz.
  5. Restoring Caribbean dry forest: Programme proposition for genetic resource maintenance; B.J. Brown, G.J. Ray.
  6. Secondary forest regeneration on degraded tropical lands: The role of plantations as `foster ecosystems'; J.A. Parrotta.
  7. The ecology of Zambezian dry evergreen forest with recommendations for conservation management; F.P. Malaisse.
  8. Problems associated with raising trees from seeds: The Ethiopian experience; D. Teketay.
  9. Mixed species plantations using high value rainforest trees in Australia; D. Lamb, P. Lawrence.
  10. The rehabilitation of the tropical rainforests' ecosystems: Cooperative research between UPM and YNU; A. Bin Said.
  11. Rehabilitation of tropical forests from countryside to urban areas; K. Fujiwara.
  12. The ITTO-guidelines for the sustainable management of natural and planted tropical forests; E.F. Bruenig.
  13. Conversion of exploited natural Dipterocarp forests into semi-natural production forests; J. Huss, M. Sutisna.
  14. Some effects of selective logging on forest productivity and ecology; H.-J. Weidelt.
  15. Utilization and protection of the forest belt of Mount Kenya (East Africa); J.R. Rheker.
  16. Research and development programme for forestry in Serawak: A pilot model approach towards sustainable forest management and economic development; E.F. Bruenig.
  17. Environmentally sound timber harvesting: Logging guidelines, conservation reserves and rehabilitation studies; J.K. Vanclay.
  18. Conservation and restoration of montane forest communities in Thailand; W.L. Werner, T. Santisuk.
  19. Conservation of some disturbed Indian tropical rain forest ecosystems; R.K. Ambasht.
  20. Contribution to environmental action by a timber processing company; K. Mori.
  21. Mitsubishi's unsustainable timber trade: Sarawak; E. Wakker.
  22. Future problems and working trends for sustainable management and restoration of tropical forests: Podium discussion; M. Lohmann, H. Lieth.
  23. Challenges in extending development to the Penan community of Sarawak; H. Solhee, J. Langub.
  24. Concluding remarks; W. Haber.


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