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TREES Indonesia: Agroforestry Project at Gunung Maland and Seruni Mumbul Villages

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Pahuna Sharma-Laden,


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In nursery:

  • Leucaena spp (exotic)
  • Albizia falcataria (Falcataria moluccana) (exotic)
  • Shorea mecistopteryx
  • Albizia saman (exotic)
  • Aegle marmelos (naturalized)
  • Ceiba pentandra (exotic)
  • Tectona grandis (exotic)
  • Aquilaria malaccensis (Aquilaria moluccensis)
  • Turi, Srikaya, Banten, Mango


  • The mission of the project is to reforest degraded sites in Java and Lombok through agroforestry.
  • Another goal is to collaborate with local communities and village farmers by training them in sustainable food production and resource management.
  • The project take place in two villages, Seruni Mumbul and Gunung Malang with a centralized nursery at Kampung Sasak and Kampung Hijrah.
  • These sites are within the district Pringgabaya of the Lotim Provience, region of NTB Indonesia.
  • The project began in April 2012 and so far, 20 farmers from Gunung Malang and 20 farmers inKampung Sasak Seruni Mumbul  have beentrained in nursery development and composting.
  • A nursery already been created at Kampung Sasak and Kampung Hijrah.
  • Future plans include the expanding of the project to District Sambelia, District Suela, and the transmigration area at Jeringo Village.
  • Some challenges so far have been finding seed stock and seed storage during the rainy season.

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