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Afforestation and forestry land allocation in northern Vietnam: Analysing the gap between policy intentions and outcomes

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Clement, F. & Amezaga, J.M. 2009, "Afforestation and forestry land allocation in northern Vietnam: Analysing the gap between policy intentions and outcomes", Land Use Policy, vol. 26, no. 2, pp. 458-470.

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  • The Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) a School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Newcastle University, UK 
  • Institute for Research on Environment & Sustainability (IRES), Newcastle University, UK


Land Use Policy

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  • This article describes the state afforestation programs in northern Vietnam which allocate farmers' lands for forestry.
  • The authors use an analytical framework based on that of the Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework to look at reforestation efforts from a politico-economic and social context. From semi-structured interviews with NGOs, donors, researchers, and civil servants, the authors evaluate the legal/policy changes, the land-use classification changes, and the on-the-ground implementation of these policies toward reforestation.
  • Although the policies for reforestation might appear successful, the authors present that there are discrepancies between the intentions of Vietnam's policies and the actual increase in forest cover.
  • There have been some negative outcomes of the policies on households that stem from uncertain property rights, farmers that prefer other land-uses, and the lack of accessibility to these lands for enforcement of the policies.
  • The authors recommend more flexibility offered in how the policies will be implemented while also increasing the mechanisms for accountability and control between the provincial and federal governing bodies.

Geographical Region

  • Mainland Southeast Asia
  • Country

  • Vietnam
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