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Effect of Taungya on regeneration of endemic forest tree species in Nigeria: Edo State Nigeria as a case study

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Ehiagbonare, J.E. 2006, "Effect of Taungya on regeneration of endemic forest tree species in Nigeria: Edo State Nigeria as a case study", African Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 5, nos. 18, pp. 1608-1611.

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J. E. Ehiagbonare,


  • Igbinedion University, Department of Biological Sciences, Okada, Nigeria


Species Info

  • Chrysophyllum delevoyi
  • Chrysophyllum albidum
  • Nauclea dideroichii
  • Terminlia superba
  • Terminalia ivorensis
  • Tectona grandis (Exotic)


  • The aim of this study was to investigate the number of native species that can regenerate under natural conditions in a 3-year Taungya system in Edo State, Nigeria. Taungya is an agroforestry system where forestry practices are combined with agriculture and agriculture related activities.
  • The study sites were divided into 3 zones (from actively cultivated agricultural lands (zones A and B) to abandoned and open lands (zone C). 3 plots were randomly established within each zone to assess the effects of Taungya on natural regeneration of native species.
  • The results showed that deforestation of the original forest had effect on native species natural regeneration in zones A and B. This is attributed to poor regeneration rates to continuous cultivation. In contrast significant regeneration was observed in zone C suggesting the potential for good natural forest regeneration if enough fallow period is allowed.
  • Also, the results showed that the Taungya system of forest regeneration does not support the regeneration of native species. The reasons identified were lack of attention by government to restoration and no functional tree nurseries where planting materials could be raised.
  • The study concludes that the taungya system cannot be relied on for in this area. The author recommends the establishment of native tree species plantations in addition to government allocating funds for forest restoration and establishing tree nurseries.

Geographical Region

  • West Africa
  • Country

  • Nigeria
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