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Forest Landscape Restoration in Context

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Dudley, N., Mansourian, S. & Vallauri, D. 2005, "Forest Landscape Restoration in Context" in Forest Restoration in Landscapes: Beyond Planting Trees eds. S. Mansourian, D. Vallauri & N. Dudley, (in cooperation with WWF international) Springer, New York, pp. 3-7.


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Forest Restoration In Landscapes

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  • This chapter introduces the entire book "Forest Restoration in Landscapes." 
  • The authors describe the need for improved management of reforestation projects as well as the value of a landscape-based approach. 
  • In many cases, restoration projects attempt to establish trees for either social/economic or strictly conservation approach; the narrowness of these approaches often lead to controversy. 
  • They bring up images of abandoned plantations with the sponsor's sign slowly peeling and fading.
  • Instead, the authors recommend a broader approach such as those being considered by governmental and nongovernmental institutions such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
  • They recommend broad-scale planning within an ecoregion where priority landscapes can then be identified for conservation efforts.
  • Restoration efforts need to improve ecological and biodiversity functions as well as social and economic functions.
  • This may not be possible within a single site, but the diversity of needs could be met by having various sites planned within a landscape.
  • In other words, the authors assert that individual sites can have different purposes, but if planned strategically within a landscape and then within an ecoregion, the projects can restore a multifunctional landscape.

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