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The Bigger Picture: Tropical Forest Change in Context, Concept and Practice

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Grainger, A. 2010, "The Bigger Picture: Tropical Forest Change in Context, Concept and Practice" in Reforesting Landscapes, ed. J. Southworth, Springer Netherlands, pp. 15-43.

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  • School of Geography, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK


Reforesting Landscapes

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  • The author explains differing concepts of reforestation between the fields of forest science and land change science.
  • The author asserts that most data from the field of forest science is small in scale and utilitarian by evaluating growth and production from the perspective of use of wood products.
  • He suggests that more data needs to be developed from the land change science field on national and pantropical trends in forest areas.
  • The percent of forest plantations in total forest area increased between 1990 and 2000 in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nepal, India, and Madagascar and decreased in Vietnam.
  • The author uses information from the Forest Resources Assessments (FRAs) of the FAO to look at these 8 countries for evidence of forestation.
  • Only for India and Vietnam has there been evidence that forestation is happening on a national scale.
  • The author suggests that the uncertainty about large-scale trends in pan-tropical forest area is not only from issues of forest monitoring, but also lack of information about land change.

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