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Experiences of a research institute in forest restoration practices in Nigeria

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Ogunjobi, J.A, Badejo S.O, Meduna, A.J & Halidu, S.K. 2010, Experiences of a research institute in forest restoration practices in Nigeria. 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference 10pp.

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J.A. Ogunjobi,


  • Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Environment, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria


Species Info

  • Acacia senegal
  • Afzelia bipindensis
  • Adansonia digitata
  • Entandrophragma angolensis
  • Khaya grandifoliola
  • Khaya senegalensi
  • Hymenocardia acda
  • Isoberlinia doka
  • Mansonia altissima
  • Nauclea diderichii
  • Trichilia pieuriana
  • Parkia biglobosa
  • Tamarindus indica
  • Terminalia ivorensis
  • Vitellaria paradoxa
  • Uapace togoensis
  • Vitex doniana
  • Eucalyptus camaldulensis (Exotic)
  • Tectonia grandis (Exotic)


  • This paper reports on the activities championed by the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria within its mandates particularly in the area of forest conservation and management in six ecological zones of the country to recuperate the nations’ ecological integrity. 
  • This study assesses the state of the forest restoration programme success in northern Nigeria and perceptions of local communities.On-site assessment and focus group discussions were conducted during monitoring and evaluation on selected sites which are about 26 years.
  • The institute selected areas for rehabilitation in the northern parts of the country to restore including some areas destroyed by natural disasters. Most of the trees planted have multipurpose qualities and are dominant species in the ecological zones.
  • Three procedures for the promotion and acceptance of forest restoration were identified in areas where they have failed. They are thorough review of forest policy, integration of local people and capacity building.
  • The results of this study suggests  integrating forest fringe communities into forest restoration programs to ensure success and to reduce forest resource encroachment. Also evident was the relevance of forest restoration going hand in hand with social and economic development.

Geographical Region

  • West Africa
  • Ecosystems

  • General
  • Country

  • Nigeria
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