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Mycorrhizal Interactions for Reforestation: Constraints to Dryland Agroforest in Brazil

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Pagano, M.C. & Cabello, M.N. 2011. "Mycorrhizal Interactions for Reforestation: Constraints to Dryland Agroforest in Brazil", ISRN Ecology, vol. 2011, pp. 13.

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Marcela C. Pagano:


  • Biology Department, Federal University of Ceará,  Fortaleza, CE, Brazil
  • Instituto Spegazzini, Facultad Ciencias Naturales y Museo, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, La Plata, Argentina


Available for free from the publisher here.


  • The authors conducted a review of literature on mycohorrizae in tropical dry forest systems. Their objective was to understand the role that reforestation and mycohorrizae play in providing ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration and flood control.
  • There are few studies on the role of mycohorrizae in tropical dry forest.
  • Studies have found higher growth rates in trees inoculated with mycohorrizae. While these results likely mean higher carbon sequestration, there has been little research on belowground carbon to provide direct evidence.

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