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And yet it moves: Success stories and drivers of CDM projects in sub-Saharan Africa (UNEP)

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UNEP Finance Initiative. 2011, And yet it moves: Success stories and drivers of CDM projects in sub-Saharan Africa. UNEP Finance Initiative, Switzerland.


UNEP Finance Initiative


  • This report by the UNEP reviews CDM (Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol) projects in Africa. CDM projects allow polluting countries to offset their carbon emissions by financing clean development projects such as clean energy and efficiency, emissions capture, and reforestation in developing countries. Worldwide, most projects are focused in Asia and involve emissions capture and clean energy.
  • This study examines CDM projects in Africa and includes a reforestation project in the DR Congo. The reforestation project involves a native and exotic tree plantation on 8,000 ha of savannah; the report describes the region as "unproductive, frequently burnt by subsistence farming"
  • UNEP states that the project is developed by native people of the region with considerable support from the in-country designated national authority of the Ministry of the Environment. The principle obstacle has been the economic and political instability of the Congo and the risk aversion of international investors.
  • The BioCarbon Fund of the World Bank has purchased 50% of the expected emission credits while a private investor (Orbeo) purchased the other half.

Geographical Region

  • Central Africa
  • Country

  • Congo (DRC)
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