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A preliminary working plan for the public forest tract of the Mindoro Lumber and Logging Company, Bongabon, Mindoro, Philippine Islands

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Merritt, M. and H.N. Whitford, PhD. 1906. A preliminary working plan for the public forest tract of the Mindoro Lumber and Logging Company, Bongabon, Mindoro, P.I. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Forestry, Bureau of Printing, Manila.


Bureau of Forestry, Philippine Islands


Available in the Yale University Library

Species Info

Pterocarpus indicus (Narra, Yellow Narra)

Dipterocarpus lasiopodus (Hagachac, Apitong)

Shorea contorta (Lauan)

Shorea guiso (Guijo)

Koordersiodendron pinnatum (Amuguis)

Dipterocarpus sp.(Apitong; not “true” Apitong, D. grandiflorus)

Terminalia nitens (Sacat)

T. edulis (Calumpit)

T. pellucida (Malagabi)

Dracontomelum mangiferum (Dao)


Chisocheton sp. (Agupanga)


This is a Bureau of Forestry management plan for a 20-year concession held by the Mindoro Lumber and Logging Company.  The document provides site description, descriptions of different forest types, stand types, and tree species, yield tables for different forest types, brief financial analysis, and description of minor forest products. 

Commercial forests are describes as: Narra type, Hagachac type, Mixed type, Beach type, and Unclassified.

Noncommercial forests are: Guipa type, Calaanan type, and Unclassified

Swamp types are: Mangrove, Nipa, and Buri

Stands types are: Narra, Hagachac, and Mixed

Over 100 species are mentioned, and 12 described in more detail (including size and wood properties, growth habit):

Pterocarpus indicus (Narra, Yellow Narra)- light demanding, sprouts from stumps, logs send out roots and shoots, not prone to white ant, grows in lowlands, never found in clumps

Dipterocarpus lasiopodus (Hagachac, Apitong) -grows on higher, well-drained forests as well as on flats and in foothills, grows in clumps, reproduces very well in shade, grows rapidly

Shorea contorta (Lauan)- lowland forest and foothills, widely distributed, can reproduce in shade, prone to white ant

Shorea guiso (Guijo) -scattered in low flat areas and on lower hillsides, reproduction good “in favorable places”

Koordersiodendron pinnatum (Amuguis)- scattered in moist flats and hillsides, will grow and reproduce in partial shade but not extremely tolerant

Dipterocarpus sp.(Apitong; not “true” Apitong, D. grandiflorus)- tolerant when young

Terminalia nitens (Sacat), T. edulis (Calumpit), T. pellucida(Malagabi)- widely scattered, shade intolerant

Dracontomelum mangiferum (Dao)- common in all forest types, widely distributed, shade intolerant, reproduction not plentiful

Celtis sp.(Malaguibuyo)- commonly distributed

Chisocheton sp. (Agupanga)- widely scattered, rapid reproduction, shade tolerant

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