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The Philippines Recommends for Reforestation- Technical Bulletin Series No. 49

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The Philippines Recommends for Reforestation. Technical Bulletin Series No. 49. 1982. Los Baños, Laguna, Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research.


Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research


Available in the Yale University Library


  • This bulletin is a 149-page booklet on reforestation techniques and best practices for various native and non-native species, compiled by the 1981 Reforestation Committee. Agencies involved in this effort included the Bureau of Forest Development, the Forest Reseach Institute at the College, Laguna, the Manila Seedling Bank, the College of Forestry at UP-Los Baños, and the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research.
  • The book provides a brief overview over objectives and current status of reforestation efforts (in light of government reforestation goals) and common problems. The authors then review seed production, wildling collection, nursery management and propagation, (trans)planting, site preparation and protection of planted trees.
  • The review includes various tables categorizing native and exotic species by seed longevity (Table 1, p. 15), germination treatments (Table 2, p. 22), sowing and outplanting method (Table 3, p. 29 and Table 4, p. 38), recommended planting purpose for a range of species (Table 5, p. 69), and some species-level recommendations for pest and disease management.

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