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Applying InVEST to Spatial Planning: China, Colombia, Hawaii and Indonesia

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2012. Applying InVEST to Spatial Planning: China, Colombia, Hawaii and Indonesia, Natural Capital Project.


  • Stanford University Woods Institute for the Environment
  • University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • World Wildlife Fund


Natural Capital Project


  • This document explains the InVEST tool, an ecosystem service model (via a software program) used to geographically map the provision of ecosystem services and how they can be affected by development and policies. The model, designed by the Natural Capital Project (collaboration of WWF, TNC, the University of Minnesota, and Stanford University), is intended for planners to maximize the benefit from activities such as reforestation.
  • China example - InVEST was used to estimate the value that different forest areas have in their ability to reduce sedimentation in local watersheds. Information from the model can help planners identify key protection areas.
  • Colombia example - InVEST was used to identify key areas in the East Cauca watershed for water fund (payment for ecosystem services) investment, with the end goal of maintaining water yield and quality. Some of the priority areas were selected for reforestation.
  • Indonesia example - InVEST maps critical areas for biodiversity protection, carbon stocks, reforestation, etc. Maps will be used to prioritize areas for reforestation (based on habitat quality and potential for reducing erosion).

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