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OI Peldar Mina de arena, Zipaquira, Colombia (OI Peldar Sand Mine, Zipaquira, Colombia)

Project: Recursos en Español - Spanish Project - Business or Private

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OI Peldar, Colombia

Asesoria Ambiental (environmental consulting firm)

Species Info

  • Acacia decurrens
  • Acacia melanoxlyn
  • Buddleja sp.
  • Escallonia sp.
  • Myrica pubescens
  • Quercus humboltii
  • Tibouchina lepidota


This project rehabilitates the forest conditions at the site of an active sand mine in Zipaquira, Colombia. The original habitat is inter-andean dry montane forest. Since 2003, environmental consultants have worked with the mining company to plant and rehabilitate various sites destroyed from mining activity.

Soil management is an important issue in the rehabilitation of this site. As mining removes most topsoil, project managers used topsoil from other areas of the mine in order to fertilize plantings.

Plantings also were challenging because of dry conditions and intense sunlight exposure. Project managers planned plantings to coincide with the onset of the rainy season.

In most areas, exotics were interplanted with native trees. Fast growing exotics such as Acacia and Pinus were used to facilitate site conditions (soil and microclimate) more amenable for native species such as Andean oak, Mrycia spp., etc. 

Geographical Region

  • Andean Region
  • Ecosystems

  • Montane Forest
  • Country

  • Colombia
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