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Clean Development Mechanism - Reforestation projects, San Nicholas and Chinchina, Colombia

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Swiss Federal Institute for Materials and Technology Research and Testing

Regional Autonomous Corporation of Rio Negro (Colombia)

BioCarbon Fund of the World Bank

Instituto de Fomento, Promoción y Desarrollo de Manizales (Colombia)



Chinchina: CDM registry

San Nicholas: Forest Carbon Portal


These two projects plan to use the clean development mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol to sell carbon credits via reforestation and afforestation. The CDM permits these projects to generate carbon credits based on the amount of carbon sequestered in trees that will be planted on private land currently used for agriculture. Project proponents argue that the current agricultural land has low yields, is used for cattle pasture, and that landowners will gain more economic benefit from carbon payments and from timber harvest.

Geographical Region

  • Andean Region
  • Ecosystems

  • Montane Forest
  • Country

  • Colombia
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