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Fundacion Ecohomonde - Forest restoration, Azogues, Ecuador

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Fundacion Ecohomonde (Azogues, Ecuador)

Tropenbos International


In the Azogues region of Ecuador, the Fundacion EcoHomonde has worked for several years with the NGO Tropenbos International on community forest restoration projects.

Restoration projects focus on various areas of the high montane and páramo ecosystems of the central Ecuadorian Andes, in community forest and private lands. Plantings in private lands are often live fences of Alnus acuminata, a fast growing nitrogen fixing tree native to the Andes.

Restoration treatments in the highland páramo region include plantings of native trees and shrubs such as Podocarpus and Polylepis. Some of these treatments are active plantings, but often these plantings are not suited for the high altitude. Passive treatments are often more effective, where restoration areas are simply fenced and cattle or other livestock grazing is restricted. These areas often find that the disturbance from cattle or livestock grazing is light and brief, and that passive restoration can be very effective.

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  • Amazon Basin
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  • Montane Forest
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  • Ecuador
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