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Face The Future/ Profafor Reforestation Project

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Denis Slieker,


  • Face the Future
  • Profafor



Species Info

  • Eucalyptus sp (exotic)
  • Pinus sp. (exotic) 
  • Polylepis sp.


  • The mission of the project is to mitigate climate change through the establishment of long-term reforestation activities on areas of degraded grassland.
  • Additionally, the project aims to enhance the livelihood of local peoples from the revenue of timber sales. 
  • The program began in 1993 and so far 20,000 ha have been planted. Sustainable management (FSC certified) of the forests continues to harvest trees while maintaining the carbon storage in the site.
  • The trees planted originally were pine and eucalyptus and the project designers describe that the local communities preferred these trees because of their economic value.  Later the native species Polylepis was planted. 
  • The project developers explain that pruning and thinning activities, though costly, need to take place to maintain the forest. Planning for prunning and thining should happen at the design phase of the program. 

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  • Andean Region
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  • Montane Forest
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  • Ecuador
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