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Futuro Forestal Reforestation

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Andreas Eke,


  • Futuro Forestal S. A.


Species Info

Have working knowledge of over 80 species, focus on 18 commercial species. The most common include:
  • Tectona grandis (exotic)
  • Swietenia macrophylla
  • Terminalia amazonia
  • Hyeronima alchorneoides
  • Dipteryx panamensis
  • Dalbergia retusa


Research is being done on seeds and seedlings. New species that have been identified for reforestation value include:

  • Manilcara bidentata
  • Licetis ampla
  • Copaifera cativo
  • Lafuencia especiosa
  • Alesis blaquiana
  • Peltogine purpurea


  • The mission of this project is to regenerate forests for carbon storage, timber value, and to meet other human environmental needs.
  • This company provides support for the establishment of mixed native species plantations with services including: planning, nursery preparation, site preparation, planting, plantation maintenance (thinning, cleaning, pruning), conservation actions, pest and disease management, fire management, and harvesting.
  • Their forestry services also include guidance on a range from land preparation, to plantation establishment including certifying and plantation management.
  • The project began in 1994.
  • Since then 14,000 hectares have been planted in the Darien and Chiriqui provinces of Panama.
  • Futuro Forestal also engages in research and development in-house where they work to improve the quality of seeds and seedlings and study new species for reforestation.
  • In 2011, several experimental plots were established in Chiriqui to test the rare tree species most recently considered for reforestation based on the research conducted by Futuro Forestal.

Geographical Region

  • Southern Central America
  • Country

  • Panama
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